As a “Bachelor of ICT”, with over 19 years of work experience, I am active within the IT environment of companies. My primary focus is creating added value by applying innovations to the IT infrastructure. By drawing up a business case, it is tested whether the IT innovation adds value for the customer. The added value does not always have to be a cost saving, but it could also have an efficiency-enhancing effect for the customer.

Since the introduction of the Public Cloud, I have been working with (Microsoft) Azure and Office 365, without losing attention to the on-premises and private Cloud platforms. The outcome of a large number of business cases is that moving certain workloads to the Public Cloud, such as Azure, has added value. Partly because no consumption costs are paid in Azure with little or no use of workloads. Workloads that lend themselves extremely well to these types of models are, for example, OTA environments. For these types of workloads, there is no longer any need to invest in hardware that runs on-premises.

My current position has 2 roles. From my Pre-Sales role I make, during RfP processes, quotations containing the solution & migration approach, one-off project costs and monthly costs. As icing on the cake, I present the offer to the customer by means of an interesting presentation with hopefully a positive result: winning the assignment and establishing a long-term successful partnership. In my role as architect, I devise the technical solution with a team of fellow architects and as an architect I hook up with existing customers for various advisory processes and innovation sessions. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!