Report Active Sync Devices Exchange 2013

Do you need a report of all the Active Sync devices using your Exchange 2013 environment to sync e-mail? Below you’ll find an example script you can use to export the data. Feel free to use and customize the script to your need.

The need of such a report could be useful to fulfill a management request or from a Microsoft license management point of view (using Active Sync could cost additional user CALs on top of the user CAL for Outlook depending on the Microsoft contract your company has).

Download Script

Download Script


Running the script

  1. Type: ./ActiveSyncStatistics-v1.ps1
  2. Press ENTER
  3. Question: Enter Ouput File:
  4. Type: C:\Export-Eas.csv
  5. Press ENTER
  6. Question: Enter DAG or DatabaseName:
  8. Press ENTER
  9. Upon completion import the CSV file into a formatted excel sheet


The script will export the following information formatted in columns:

DisplyaName | Title | PrimarySmtpAddress | Company | City | OrganizationalUnit | Mailbox Server | Mailbox Database | ActiveSync Identity | DeviceID | DeviceType| DeviceUserAgent | DeviceModel | DeviceIMEI | DeviceFriendlyName | DeviceOS | DeviceOSLanguage | DevicePhoneNumber | FirstSyncTime | LastSyncAttemptTime | LastSuccessSync | LastPolicyUpdateTime | DeviceWipeSentTime | DeviceWipeAckTime | LastPingHeartbeat

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